Proven Ground Farm


We whole-heartedly believe in the importance of family and friends.  Proven Ground Farm is a unique and beautiful place where people can share momentous occasions with the special people in their lives.  We are a small family owned company and we personally promise to do everything we can to make your experience enjoyable.  If you are planning an event we hope that you will visit the farm before making a decision on venue.

The farm is rich in character both inside and out and may be just what you are seeking for your special occasion.

For photos of some previous events and additional information, please browse our site. For more information on how the farm has proven itself, please read our story.

Our Story...

In the spring of 2001 what was previously the LaRosh Egg farm, and at one time a dairy farm, was put up for auction. We purchased that farm in the hopes that we could, once again, make it something wonderful.
Years of neglect had taken it's toll and the farm was in sad condition.  In 1998, an F1 tornado ripped through the property and compounded the, already numerous, repairs.  The massive chicken house, an area used to house chickens and harvest eggs during the LaRosh operation, had been stripped of almost all of it's siding.  One entire side of that building was completely blown out. The roof of every building was in need of at least some repair.  Some roofs needed to be completely replaced.  One of the grain bins was damaged beyond repair.

The barn’s roof was destroyed.  It had numerous holes, some of which were the size of a small car.  Because of someone's creativity, we were able to salvage the barn.  After the tornado the previous caretakers had spread tarp over the floor on most of the fourth level.  It was used to catch the rain water that made it through the damaged roof.  We have no doubt that this act saved the integrity of the remaining structure and for that we are immensely thankful.  We have not been able to determine the exact date of the barn's original construction but it has been a long-standing landmark in our community.  So many people remember coming to LaRosh Egg farm to purchase eggs with their family.  Our goal from the beginning has been to make Proven Ground a place where family and friends can, again, enjoy the simple things together.

An incredible amount of work has been done to get the farm buildings back into the condition they are today.  We have converted the bottom floor of our barn into a unique and intimate banquet space which can accommodate up to 175 guests comfortably.  We have converted a damaged grain bin into what is now a cocktail lounge for many of our events.   We also offer unique possibilities that are harder to find at other banquet sites such as bonfires and hayrack rides.   Our space is absolutely perfect if you are looking for something out of the ordinary and rich in character.

The farm is a versatile space and is suitable for many events. Our goal is to provide additional support and reassurance that your event will be special and everyone will leave happy.


  Please call for pricing information or to schedule a showing.



Welcome to the farm!

Proven: Established beyond doubt; Tried; Tested.